Raid in France 2017 - Ardèche Tour

  • June 04, 2017

This years' Raid In France has 13 sections, representing 430 kilometers and 10,890 meters of positive gain. The estimated time is 74 hours for the first teams and 111 hours for the last.

Contestants begin with several swim run intervals, and then move onto the first mountain bike section. They will have to be very cautious as the ride is treacherous as they descend to towards southern Ardèche. Once this section is completed and they have passed through the checkpoint the participants will have to navigate a kayak section which includes difficult portages and a transition to mountain biking through heavily dense forest. They will then have a long kayak section of 51 kilometers which has strict restrictions because of fish breeding territory. 

There will be no time to dry off as they will then need to trek 33 kilometers. This area of Ardèche consists of protected natural areas so a ban of night progression will be in effect. The teams will then have the opportunity to cross a renowned cave network, as well as abseiling ridges and passages not previously used. 

Competitors will also get the chance sail across the Devesset lake, which has not been attempted in a ARWS event before. 

As with previous editions, each team will have a YB tracker supplied to them at registration. From the starting klaxon the tracker will collect and transmit data such as speed, direction and gps coordinates. This data is visualised onto our race player so friends, family and race enthusiasts can follow the team movements throughout the course.  

For more information and live tracking once the race has started please visit the Raid In France website.

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