King of the Valleys

  • August 08, 2014

King of the Valleys is the event which spearheaded the Ultra4 invasion of Europe having been staged annually at Walters Arena in South Wales since 2012.

Inspired by the legendary Griffin King of the Hammers, King of the Valleys is the UK's ultimate 4x4 off-road endurance event, pitting man and machine against over 80 miles of the most diverse terrain imaginable from sweeping rally tracks and riverbeds to waterfalls and the purpose built 'Wall' - a towering three step rock climb just metres from the finish line.

The course for King of the Valleys is specifically designed to test the competitors vehicles to the limit with the over all aim is to complete the specified number of laps. There are a number of checkpoints that the contestants will have to pass through during their run. When passing through them the vehicle must stop until indicated to continue by a marshal.

New at King of the Valleys 2014 is the Terrafirma Everyman Challenge - aimed at vehicles with a limited technical specification offering teams a chance to experience the thrill and excitement of racing at this world class event.

The specific Technical Regulations for the Terrafirma Everyman Challenge will ensure a broad range of vehicles can compete head to head including those designed for Challenge, Comp Safari and Trials disciplines whilst teams will find aspects of the course at which each of these can excel, meaning consistent performance throughout the day will pay dividends.

The Terrafirma Everyman Challenge will take place as part of the main event of the 2014 MAXXIS King of the Valleys. There will be an entry limit of 40 vehicles with entries accepted on a first come - first served basis. The top three placed teams will win prizes of £500, £300 & £200 vouchers to be spent on Terrafirma products.

You can follow all the action from this extreme race via our race tracker. Each 4x4  will be equipped with  Yellowbrick tracker which collects data such as speed, direction and gps co-ordinates. This data is sent though the Iridium satellite network to YB servers and from there it is visualised on the race tracker. The trackers will be set to update the race viewer every 60 seconds thus supporters, family and friends can follow the events in real time.

For more information please visit the Ultra4 Europe website.

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