Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta 2018

  • June 11, 2018

Established 60 years ago, the Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta is a sailing adventure that gives younger people the opportunity to gain hands-on sailing experience, learn about themselves and develop their teamwork skills. Different European host ports are selected each year, attracting up to four million visitors and 400 media representatives.

The Regatta features vessels from the most majestic square-rigged Class A’s, to the smallest Class D’s. Split into two races, this year’s Regatta set off from Liverpool and sailed through the Irish Sea to Dublin. Part of the fleet now veers south-west, crossing the Celtic Sea and the Bay of Biscay before arriving in Bordeaux.

During the race, the tall ships' permanent crews are always in charge, with the less experienced landlubbers taking part in watches, hosting sails, climbing masts, navigating, steering, scrubbing the decks and cooking in the galley. 

The Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta may be a difficult race pulled straight from the 18th century, but modern technology has made a few things easier - and we’re sure the crews are happy keeping it that way. Our trackers are keeping tabs on the Regatta, doing their part so that everyone on board will have a safe, fun and memorable voyage.

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