Inward Bound

  • October 02, 2018

For over half a century, the Inward Bound orienteering footrace has challenged Australian National University and Australian Defence Force Academy students both physically and mentally.

Based on WWII survivalist training for downed pilots, teams of four students are blindfolded and driven disorientingly in the middle of the night to a remote area of Canberra, Australia. Using only a map and compass, the teams must then ascertain their location and run through the Australian wilderness back to a predefined race endpoint.

Teams compete in one of seven Divisions, with Division 1 dropped up to 70km from the endpoint and Division 7 as close as 10km. The actual distance that each division covers while running back through the twisting trails though can range from 100km for Division 1 or 30km for Division 7.

Months of rigorous preparation build up each student’s physical and mental stamina but also cultivate the team spirit which will be crucial in pushing them past their limits.

Team members each carry a backpack containing their compulsory race gear, while race organisers supply the teams with a YB3 to use for tracking and emergency communication.

This year’s 54th Inward Bound will start October 5th, unfolding over the rugged alpine landscape of the Kosciuszko National Park southwest of Canberra.

We wish everyone at Inward Bound a safe adventure - YB Tracking is with them every step of the way!

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