• August 09, 2022

What can I do in the YB Tracking management system?
You can make many changes and amendments as the race organiser or race director within the YB system. Here we explain some of them.

Once you embark on an event with YB Tracking, there is a suite of controls at your fingertips to allow you to select control of the event.

Here are some of those controls you have.

       ·       Swapping a tracker - If a tracker needs swapping before or during the event.

       ·       Retiring a team – If a competitor or team has had to retire, you have access to do this.

       ·       Finishing – gives you the option to finish a competitor or team manually

       ·       Testing and Transmissions - You can check which trackers have transmitted and which have not.

       ·       Edit Teams - If you find a competitor’s or team’s name needs to be changed, or perhaps a country tag needs to be adjusted,
                you can do this easily.

       ·       Edit Start Times - We appreciate that start times can change depending on weather conditions and other factors, so with
                YB, you can fine-tune these times yourself.

These and more options are available; the YB Tracking Guide covers all the information you will receive as part of YB’s service.
You can always contact your account manager, who will be more than happy to talk you through any aspects of the YB system.

Most of the information can be found in the YB Guide you will be provided with for your event

Remember, we are here to help and make your event the best-tracked event possible.

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