29th International Regatta Brindisi - Corfu 2014

  • June 10, 2014

Located on the Salento peninsula on the Adriatic coast, Brindisi is situated on a natural harbour, which penetrates deep into the Adriatic coast of Puglia, and provides important links to Greece, Turkey and Albania.

The "International Regatta Brindisi-Corfu" was founded in 1986. During the first two years, the competition was limited to vessels from Brindisi. It was three years later that the participation of Corfiot boats Began. A collaboration between the Adriatic and Ionian shores was born from this participation and it still continues today.

Following through the years, attendance embraced both the whole Puglia and the greek sailing clubs of the Ionian. In 1995 the first boats of Serbia and Montenegro joined the Regatta. Since 1998 the fame of the Regatta extended beyond the borders of Italy and Greece, Increasing participation exponentially.

In 2003 the Italian Sailing Federation included the event among the trials that make up the "Italian long-Sea High Championship." Being flanked to the most famous and oldest regattas in the Mediterranean,: such as "the Giraglia" and the "Middle Sea Race ".

With a participation of more than 100 boats the "International Regatta Brindisi - Corfu" is now counted among the most important races that take place in the Mediterranean and is undoubtedly the most important high-sea race of the Adriatic, in terms of number of participants and technical difficulties.

Each participating boat will have a YB Tracker on board. The tracker will collect several items of data including gps co-ordinates, speed and direction. This information will be sent through the Iridium satellite network every fifteen minutes. The data is received by YB HQ servers and the visualised on the race player. This means loved ones on shore can keep up with an individual boat or the whole fleets progress throughout the race.

For more information and the race player please visit the regatta website.


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