Atlantic Cup 2014

  • May 08, 2014

The Atlantic Cup presented by 11th Hour Racing is a hard-fought, intense double-handed, offshore sailing race held on the eastern seaboard of the United States every May. Some of the best short-handed sailors around the globe vie for the chance to take hold of The Atlantic Cup! In addition, the Atlantic Cup provides shore-based activities for fans of all ages plus it is the most environmentally sustainable sailing race in the U.S.

The Atlantic Cup is committed to being the most environmentally responsible sailing race in the United States. In the past two years, teams and race management have worked together to create a fully carbon neutral event. As the race grows, race management will continue to seek innovative ideas and products that align with its mission.

Teams will start in Charleston, S.C. on May 10th and depart on a 642-mile leg to New York City. Following a stop-over in New York teams will race a 231-mile leg to Newport, R.I., making The Atlantic Cup the longest offshore race on the east coast of the United States this year. The third and final leg will consist of two days (May 24th & 25th) of inshore racing in Newport.

Each participating boat will have a YB tracker onboard. The tracker will wake up every five minutes to transmit several items of data including speed, direction and gps co-ordinates. This information is passed to the Iridium satellite network where it is transmitted back to YB HQ servers and directly on to the race viewer. This means loved ones left on shore, friends and arm-chair admirals call follow every twist and turn that the race has to offer with just a few clicks of a mouse. 

For more information on this competition and the race tracker please visit The Atlantic Cup website.

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