The Longestdrive

  • March 03, 2014

The Longestdrive is getting ready for its third challenge with the custom built Porsche Cayenne. In March 2014 the three man crew will attempt to make the ‘Big Loop’ of Australia – starting and ending in Sydney and following the famous Highway 1, taking in the four corners of the continent along the way. The local weather will have a great influence on the route especially when approaching the northern point on Cape York. The western point can only be reached by a three hour drive on a narrow sand track, but the crew is ready for that. Without breaking the speed limit but driving non-stop (apart from fuel stops) the car can cover long distances in a relatively short time. 

On this adventure, the participants are Jan Kalmar (who has experience from the previous Longestdrive challenge), Will Schryver (a filmmaker who is creating a video log of the trip as well a time-lapse video), and Campbell Fraser (who is an experience adventurer who also took part in the first challenge across Euro-Asia).  The Longestdrive crews have previously completed two challenges prior to the 'Big Loop', including a circumnavigation of the Earth on the 48th Northern Latitude.  The first leg of this was Western France to Eastern Russia, and the second was from the Pacific Coast in Western Canada to Newfoundland in the East - the combined legnth of the two legs being over 20,000km/12500M, and was completed in just over ten days in total.  After the 'Big Loop' of Australia, the car and crew will return to Europe, where the preparations for the 'North to South' project will take place.  This challenge involves driving from Nothern Norway to the South Cape in South Africa, passing London and Cape Town en-route.  There two separate world records to be challenged there: The North Cape - South Cape, and London - Cape Town.

Who are The Longestdrive? 

The group came together through the passion of a professional driving instructor from Denmark, Jan Kalmar, who inspired others to join him on the journeys. Past participants have been a racing driver, a motor journalist, an adventurer and a video photographer. They are passionate about cars and adventure, but have not joined up in order to race but to prove to themselves and to others that they have the stamina both mentally and physically to complete the challenges undertaken. By driving long distances non-stop they are pushing themselves and the vehicles to the limit thereby proving the resilience of man and machine. In the process, they are also raising money for charity, Farm Africa, along the way 

Farm Africa is a UK registered charity which is working to end hunger in Eastern Africa. It works with smallholder farmers, typically farming an acre or less, helping them to produce more food in challenging circumstances. Its projects are situated in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. By supporting Farm Africa, it is hoped that the Longestdrive will help create a legacy of lasting change in the countries through which the drive will pass.

You can follow the crew and their progress on the website which will feature a live webcam, a YB satellite tracker, links to Facebook , Twitter feeds and a live blog.

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