Huairasinchi ARWS

  • November 03, 2014

The Adventure Racing World Series unites in competition the world's best endurance athletes at premiere qualifier events around the globe. Each international qualifier event in the AR World Series sets a unique course to test mixed teams of four for up to ten days of non-stop racing in the disciplines of trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, navigation and more.

These races culminate in the Adventure Racing World Championship. Proyecto Aventura and HUAIRASINCHI will be the race hosts and Quito, Ecuador will be the race headquarters for the AR World Championship 2014.

The teams will start arriving in Ecuador on Thursday the 6th or Friday the 7th on November. The fun then begins on Saturday with the technical briefing, where the participants will be given and taught how to use the YB trackers, and then in the opening ceremony commenses after. 

The race offically starts on Sunday 9th and can run untill the 17th if the teams have not finished the course before then. 

There are a number of disciplines that the particpants will have to demonstrate skills in, including trekking, mountain biking, orienteering, kayaking and rope work. All of these disaplines will be combine into a 700km course.  

The Huairasinchi Adventure Race, which is the host of the AR World Series Championship began in 2003 as an initiative of a group of young people who were looking for a new way of getting to know their country.

Huairasinchi is a word in the native Kichwa language that means “the strength of the wind” in English. It is much more than an adventure race; it is a life style that allows you to reach unimaginable goals and exceed both your physical and mental limits.

Huairasinchi ecrouages perticipants to discover the hidden corners of Ecuador. These are places that are extremely rich, not only naturally, but also because of their people and history. This race promotes the protection and respect for nature and has a "leave no trace” policy during the race, along with a conservation message that is transmitted through the act of the athletes planting trees along the competition’s route. 

We are proud that ARWS have chosen to use YB tracking once again (We have tracked other qualifies including GodZone and Raid In France). Each team will be supplied with a YB tracker which will transmit information such as speed, direction and location every ten minutes.  The tracker will also be used as an emergency beacon and has been pre set with several phrases that the teams can send easily through the Iridium satellite network and know they will be received by race HQ. 

To follow the teams adventures please visit the tracking page of the Proyecto Aventura website.







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