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Screenshots of The CORE Tracking Platform

The CORE - Managing Your Fleet

The CORE is a web-based platform for fleet management, to show all of your assets in the field. 

Whether you use YB3 or YB3i units, it's one view for all.

About The CORE

The CORE is designed to provide a single-point of control for all our tracking devices. You get FREE access to the system if you have multiple YB3 or YB3i units on your account. If you have just a single unit, then you would use the YBlog system. The system can support a multitude of different device types, allowing monitoring of all through a single console. The CORE is a purely web-based system, and can be accessed with any web browser from any internet connection.

Whether you have 2 devices, or 1000 devices, managing them is easy. You can sub-divide into groups to suit your needs, and setup multiple users with different permissions - for instance, some staff could be setup to simply 'view' positions, whereas others could be given permissions to send commands and configure devices in the field.

The CORE also allows you to add line rental and credits to your devices, and manage your account. Remember, all our devices operate on an inexpensive pay-as-you-go basis, so you only pay for what you use.

Our comprehensive management system provides the facilities needed for you to efficiently manage your fleet, monitor alerts from devices, setup geo-fences to provide early warning if a device has gone inside/outside a certain area etc. The list of features is large, and we suggest looking through the manual or watching the tutorial videos to see how the system could work for you.

Iridium is the only satellite network that allows transmission of information from any point on Earth - other networks have no coverage in the polar regions, and have intermittent or no coverage in other marine and land areas.

The CORE is a 24/7 managed service, and coupled with our devices provides the best and most reliable Iridium tracking and messaging service available.

Key Info

Questions and Answers

Can multiple people login to The CORE?

Yes, you can setup as many users as you wish, and as long as they have internet access then they can log into The CORE.

Different users can be setup with different permissions, so some users can be setup with full administrator access, whereas others could be setup to just view information. You have full control over your users.

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