• Connected

    Wherever you are

    Our products allow you to track and communicate
    with those you care about, via satellite
    from anywhere on Earth

  • Rugged & Reliable

    Designed To Last

    Our devices are designed for use in the
    real world. Waterproof, drop-proof,
    products you can trust

  • Easy to Use

    Setup in minutes, no fuss

    Everything we do is designed to be easy to use
    Both our products and our pricing
    - we keep it simple

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Designed and Built in Great Britain and Proud of it


British Engineering

Our products are designed, assembled & tested in the UK. It gives us control over the whole process, and means we can maintain the highest quality.


Quality Components

A product is only as good as its constituent parts. Our aim is to build a quality product, for a reasonable price, using the right components for the job.


Thoughtfully Designed

Every element of our products has been thought about, tweaked, adjusted, and refined. We do the best we can at design stage, and take user feedback on board to help with future products.