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A screenshot of the YBlog

YBlog - Share Your Trip

Every YB unit comes with a YBlog, your individual website with map, blog and gallery. 

It shows your current position, historic track and blog articles. It can be used directly or embedded in your own site.

About YBlog

The YBlog is a way for you to share your adventure with people back at home. It comes free with every YB, and it is like a little website of your own, showing your track, current position, and optionally blog articles you add about your trip. It also forms a great historic record for you to look at and review once you get back.

Each YBlog page has its own web address, so anyone can visit it provided you give them the address. You can also embed it in your own website, should you choose to do so.

It's possible to password protect your YBlog page, so that only certain people can access it. It's also possible to setup multiple 'events' so that when you use your YB unit again, you can keep the tracks and blog from one trip separate from another.

A screenshot of the YBlog

Used by Adventurers, Yachters, Expedition Companies, World Record Breakers, Shipping Companies, Lone Workers and many more!

Key Features

Example YBlogs

We have chosen a few real-life examples of YBlogs below, which you can view... these are YBlogs from actual customers, so bear in mind that the content will vary from time to time, and they may not actually be on a trip right now...

How to Set Up

When you receive your YB unit, there will be a 'registration card' inside the box. Simply follow the instructions on the card, and within minutes you will have your own custom YBlog setup, ready to track your adventures. YBlog also acts as the admin area, where you can add line rental and credits to your account. Getting your YBlog setup is easy and quick. If you have any trouble at all, we're here to help!

Questions and Answers

How do people access my map / YBlog?

When you register your unit, you will choose your special web address. It will be something like where you choose the 'sorlandet' bit. Most people use the name of their yacht, trip, surname etc. Once you have registered, you can simply give people this address, and they will be able to type it into their web browser and bring up your map. It will show them your latest position, plus your historic track, and also any blog articles you have added It is possible to password protect this page if you wish, and give the password to those people you trust - but you don't have to, most people choose not to add a password.

Can I password-protect my YBlog page?

Yes, absolutely. If you log into the admin area, there is a box for 'public web password'. Enter the password you want in this box, and click 'Save'. From that point onwards, anyone who visits your YBlog page will be asked for the password Note, if you're logged in as an admin user (as you probably will be) or someone has already entered the password once, they won't be asked for it again. Don't worry though, any *new* users visiting your page will be asked for the password If you're unsure, check it on another computer, or ask a friend to go to the website address and check they are asked for the password.

How can I split up trips on the map?

You can easily split multiple trips into different sections of your YBlog. This means that the map doesn't get cluttered, and you can look at trips on an individual basis. To do this, log into the admin area of your YBlog, go to the Advanced section, and in there you can define 'events' with a start and end date. When you have multiple events setup, on the main map you'll see a drop-down menu in the top left. Choosing an event will then filter the map, to only show points between the dates you have specified.

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