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If you have a question about our products, the answer may well be in this knowledge-base. However, if you can't find what you need, please get in touch and we will be able to help with personalised advice.


Manuals and Guides

If you have a device purchased after October 2014, you'll find all our user guides online at This includes instructions for the YB3, YB3i, YBlog, The CORE, and the YB Connect app. If you prefer a PDF manual, you can find these at


The below links are for devices purchased prior to October 2014

Knowledge Base

API Access

How can I get access to the data directly?

There are several ways you can access the data from our devices.

YB3 and YB3i units send data directly to your YBlog page or if you have a fleet of units, The CORE, where you can access all features of the units, visualise the data on a map, send/receive messages, and export data to Excel.

However, we also can provide an XML feed in some situations which allows you to directly access the data, and pull position reports into your own system, for mapping, visualisation or other reasons.

Just ask us for details.


How do I add line rental and credits?

Line rental and credits can be added via your account. Once you receive your YB3 or YB3i unit you can register, log into your account, and top-up from there using your credit card.


You cannot buy line rental and credits through the online shop - you need to wait until you receive your unit.


The process is really easy, and nothing to worry about. If you aren't leaving on your adventure for a while, you could even choose to wait until closer to the time, at which point you can then add credits etc. It's entirely up to you.


Can I password protect my YBlog page?

Yes, absolutely. If you log into the admin area, there is a box for 'public web password'. Enter the password you want in this box, and click 'Save'. From that point onwards, anyone who visits your YBlog page will be asked for the password.


Note, if you're logged in as an admin user (as you probably will be) or someone has already entered the password once, they won't be asked for it again. Don't worry though, any *new* users visiting your page will be asked for the password.


If you're unsure, check it on another computer, or ask a friend to go to the website address and check they are asked for the password.

Why can't I see my tracks? They were there yesterday!

There might be a couple of reasons for this. Both are really easy to solve.


Firstly, if you log into your admin area, go to 'My Map', and check the settings. By default the map is set to only show the last 30 days of tracks, so after 30 days the points will start to disappear. This doesn't mean we delete them, we keep data 'forever', but it just means they aren't shown on the map. You can adjust this setting to suit your needs.


The second common reason is that you have setup an 'event' in the Advanced section of the admin, and the dates have expired... when you have events, the map will only show data which falls between the FROM and TO dates. You might need to adjust your dates in the event to make sure it covers the current time period.

How can I split up trips on the map?

You can easily split multiple trips into different sections of your YBlog. This means that the map doesn't get cluttered, and you can look at trips on an individual basis.


To do this, log into the admin area of your YBlog, go to the Advanced section, and in there you can define 'events' with a start and end date. When you have multiple events setup, on the main map you'll see a drop-down menu in the top left. Choosing an event will then filter the map, to only show points between the dates you have specified.


How can I mount the YB3i?

The YB3i can be mounted in a variety of ways. The simplest way is to purchase our optional Rokk Mount (available in the shop), which allows the unit to be easily mounted to a rail or pole. The unit can also be stuck down flat, in ceiling voids for example, using high-strength velcro on the flat base. Lastly, it has a set of 4 recessed M5 bolt holes on the base. You can use these to secure the unit using your own mounting solution, by bolting through a plate or hull.


How do I update my firmware?

Updating your firmware is a relatively simple process. If you have a Mk3 tracker (sold from October 2014 onwards) then you can do this via the YB Connect app. Go to Advanced, Firmware Update, and follow the instructions to ensure you have the latest firmware.


If you have a Mk2 tracker or earlier (bought before October 2014) then please email us for instructions.


Unless advised otherwise, please don't do this when you are in mid-expedition, or just about to get on a plane to Peru... As with all firmware update processes, there is a very minor risk that the process will fail.

If in any doubt at all, please contact us for advice and support.

Does the YB3 unit work indoors?

As with all satellite-based devices, the better view of the sky the unit has, the better it will perform.


YB3 units use two sets of satellites - GPS satellites in order to get a position fix, and Iridium satellites to transmit that position back to base. The GPS signal is weaker than the Iridium signal.


Typically, if the YB3 is near to a window inside then it may be able to obtain a GPS fix and transmit, although it will take longer than normal, and will therefore use more battery power.


If the unit is deep inside a building then it is unlikely to be able to get a fix or transmit very well, and will therefore use up a lot of battery quite quickly. However, we have had devices transmit successfully from inside caves, fridges, under the seats of cars etc... it is possible, just not guaranteed, and not as reliable as usual.


As a rule, the better view of the sky you can provide for the YB3, the better it will perform, and the longer the battery will last.

Why does my YB3 not stay at 100% when on charge?

Lithium Ion batteries should not be kept permanently at 100%, and so when the YB3 is fully charged, a battery protection circuit will start working, and will allow the battery to run down to 95% and then top it up again.


If you have the unit on charge for a long period, you may find it is showing something like 96% rather than 100%. Do not worry about this, it is perfectly normal, and it is the battery protection system doing a good job.


The YB3 has a huge battery capacity, so you should not worry about a few % difference. It is better that the battery will last for many years of service, and so this system protects against this.

Why is my YB3 beeping?

Your YB3 will beep if there is an unread message in the Inbox on the device. If you go into the Messages menu, and choose Inbox, you can see any messages waiting for you. The act of reading a message will stop the unit beeping.

The Core

Can multiple people login to The CORE?

Yes, you can setup as many users as you wish, and as long as they have internet access then they can log into The CORE.


Different users can be setup with different permissions, so some users can be setup with full administrator access, whereas others could be setup to just view information. You have full control over your users.

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