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YB Races App

Whether you're using an Android or iOS device, having the races readily accessible through the app ensures you can keep track of all the action at your convenience on the go. Ideal for fans who want to stay engaged with the latest updates, live tracking, and race progress.

Enjoy staying connected and immersed in the world of racing wherever you go!

App Features

Google Play Store Icon

Click here for the app in the Google Play store, or search YB Races in the Google Play store.

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Click here for the app in the Apple App store, or search YB Races in the Apple App store.

Questions and Answers

How do I remove races from 'My Races'?

Swipe the race you want to remove left or right - it will ask you if you're sure - click Yes.​

When will the race appear on the App?

Races will appear around one week prior to the start if we have all of the information from the race organiser. If not, it may be closer to the event start.

Can I get the YB Races app on my PC?

The YB Races is only a mobile app - to view the event on a PC, go to our Events Calendar and follow the links.

Why can't I see a boat picture on the information?

Some customers do not supply photos for their events.

What do the app icons do?

​From left to right:

  • Flag: Zoom to Race Area

  • Heads: Zoom to Leaders

  • Magnifying Glass: Zoom to All

  • Globe: Change Map Style

  • Pencil: Show / Hide Course

  • Squiggle: Add / Remove Tracks

  • Pointer: Show / Hide Wind

  • Bullseye: Show / Hide My Location

  • Maps Pin: Change Between Courses (if available)

The icons on the YB Races app
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