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Duke of Edinburgh Award

Providing a YB3 for each team on your trek allows you to keep an eye on their location, while allowing them to make navigational mistakes and (hopefully!) learn from them without intervention. You can also review the track data with them after the event, and use as a teaching aid and historical record.

What we offer

YB Tracking is proud to support students taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) awards. By utilising YB Tracking's solution, participants can benefit from a hassle-free and cost-effective tracking system that allows them to make mistakes and learn from them.

The YB Tracking system includes a proven tracker and management system that provides participants, teachers, and assessors with the best tools to achieve the goals, expectations, and criteria set forth by the Duke of Edinburgh awards. This system enables efficient monitoring and management of participants' progress, ensuring that they meet the requirements for earning the awards.

YB Tracking's tracking solution can enhance the DofE experience by providing reliable and accurate tracking capabilities, facilitating learning and exploration.

  • Use and return rental trackers – no overheads or annual subscriptions

  • One-off charge, which covers the entire expedition

  • Trackers are charged and ready to use; you activate them, and they are ready to go

  • Over 12 years of Duke of Edinburgh tracking and service

  • Iridium Satellite technology for better coverage with 66 satellites

  • 24/7 support for the entirety of the event

  • Red Button Alert – participants and leaders are confident they will be safer with the Alert

  • Speed up transmissions when Red Button Alert is activated at no extra cost

  • 5 free mapping choices to allow easy assessment and to follow progress

  • Private Race Viewer, no Public access

  • Race Viewer is available on Web-based platforms or Mobile devices for anywhere updates

  • Management feed to monitor Update times, Latitude & Longitude, Speed, Course heading and Battery charge

  • Text the tracker for its position

  • Live Leaderboard

  • Accurate positions and timing for ease of rendezvous

  • Tracking of multiple teams across multiple locations

  • Replay the event anytime for assessing and teaching

  • YB Tracking is a global system and is available for school trips worldwide.

Why Choose YB Tracking?

Expedition Viewer

Our web-based map interface shows positions on both Google and OS mapping.

Alert Responders

YB3 units are equipped with an alert button, plus two way text-based messaging (inc. emails).

Truly Global

Our YB units work anywhere on Earth, and so do we. It doesn't matter where your students roam.

Long-Life Battery 

Transmitting every 15 minutes, the YB3 will last for up to 3 weeks.

Clever Tech

We can speed up and slow down tracking in higher-risk areas. Automatic alerts, too.

Replay Afterwards

Use the expedition viewer to replay the expedition afterwards; data available for 3 years.

How does it work?

We know that you have a lot of things to deal with when organising Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. Our aim is to make the 'tracking' part as simple as possible for you. We provide:

  • Delivery to you, and collection afterwards

  • Global service - anywhere in the world

  • The YB3 trackers

  • Our award-winning web-based expedition viewer

  • Two-way messaging for student assistance

  • Replay facilities

  • Support before, during, and after your event

  • Access to our Apple/Android app

Our YB trackers have very large battery capacities, and are designed to work for long durations. When the trackers arrive with you, they just need to be given to the students, attached to the outside of their rucksack (or similar), and then turned on by pressing a button.


We take it from there, and make sure that the units are working, and help get everything ready for the start of the race.


YB trackers have been used by many schools and organisations for years to provide a valuable monitoring and safety tool for their treks. When you choose YB, you're in safe hands.


Team Positions

We provide various ways for you to see the positions of your teams:

  1. A web-based map interface, which shows positions on both Google and OS mapping

  2. A low bandwidth graphic display, for use on a mobile phone when in the field

  3. Text-based lat / long and OS-grid data, for easy use in very bad mobile-data coverage areas.

Request a Quote

Our prices are fully inclusive of delivery, support and everything you need to track your DofE participants. To produce a proposal for you, we will need to know:

  • Start and (expected) end date

  • How many trackers you will need

  • How often you would like to get a position.

Thanks for your interest in YB Tracking! We will be in touch within one working day.

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