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Arriving in Tokyo at 04:30hrs GMT (12:30 local time) Rutland explorer Sarah Outen MBE has completed the first leg of her record-breaking human-powered loop of the globe London2London: Via The World

Yellowbrick have been tracking her progress so far, via bike, kayak and rowing boat.

The track of her route so far...

  • 227 days
  • 11,000 miles on land and 300 nautical miles
  • 12 countries
  • 4 sea crossings
  • 35 punctures
  • 10 inner tubes
  • 9 tyres and 1 new wheel
  • Longest ride: 165 miles through the night on Sakhalin
  • Marriage proposals – 3

British explorer Sarah Outen (26), who in 2009 became the first woman to row solo across the Indian Ocean, left London seven months ago at midday on the 1stApril 2011 on the first leg of her 25,000 mile continuous expedition which will see her cross three continents and two oceans.

Sarah and her trusty bike, in the middle of nowhere

Sarah kayaked under Tower Bridge then headed down the Thames and across the Channel to France, Sarah went on to cycle through France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, China and then back into Russia before kayaking across to the Russian Island of Sakhalin and on to Japan.

En route Sarah has faced many obstacles;

  • she crossed the formidable Gobi desert cycling at night through Turpan (the hottest place in China where temperatures reached 40 degrees in the day),
  • climbed difficult mountains on her bicycle in the Urumqi region of China,
  • camped in bear-inhabited forests in Russia,
  • lugged her bicycle through mud and across rivers in Kazakhstan,
  • came closer than she’d liked to poisonous snakes,
  • Undertook a cold kayaking marathon from the remote Russian island of Sakhalin to Japan. The crossing saw Sarah brave freezing cold seas, huge waves and strong currents to kayak La Perouse Strait and after 11 hours and 20 minutes of kayaking 38.8 nautical miles, Sarah arrived, alongside her camerawoman Justine Curgenven at Cape Soya on the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

In the last month, Sarah has cycled and kayaked her way across Japan. She landed her kayak at Cape Soya on Hokkaido on the 7th October, she then jumped back on her bicycle (named Hercules) and cycled across Hokkaido to Hakodate she then crossed in her kayak (named Nelson) to Cape Oma on the main island of Honshu.

Sarah was then reunited with Hercules and cycled through the Aomori region, going East to visit the Tsunami hit areas of Ishinomaki, Matsushima and Sendai.

Last week (7th-11th Nov) , Sarah cycled on to Choshi Marina in Choshi where in May 2012 she will launch her record-breaking attempt to become the first woman to row solo, west to east across the North Pacific ocean.

Speaking from Tokyo Sarah said: ‘I’m happy to have made it but sad it is over for this year. It has been an incredible journey so far and I feel very lucky indeed both to have survived it but also to have journeyed through some very special places and to have met some wonderful characters. I’m fried – mind and body ready for a break before I get into ocean planning.’

Just the rest of the world to go... !

Sarah’s expedition is raising funds for Coppafeel!, Jubilee Sailing Trust, MND and Wateraid. Sarah has schools from around the world connecting with her on her journey – she is also working with Digital Explorer to provide downloadable curriculum based lesson plans via her website


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