YB3 Satellite Tracking Device Review by Caro Ryan from Lotsafreshair.com

  • September 29, 2014

Caro Ryan for those of you who are not familiar with her work is as she puts is  "An unexpected outdoor chick" 

She runs a popular hiking and bushwalking website lotsafreshair.com. She was asked to review the YB3 by our Australian distributor G-Layer. Her day job of running a production and consultancy company gave her a great oppurtunity to try our device in a very remote location in Fiji.  

Our two way messaging and the Iphone app (also available on android) were used throughout her trip.  She gave her honest opinion as she is keen to admit that "I'm not the type of person to pull apart the tech specs and go into minute detail over nerdy/boffin speak. I approach all products from a very practical, user point of view and imagine myself receiving the product for the first time. Because I’m not a product expert, just an experienced wilderness hiker, you’ll get my hands-on experience and feelings about products."

To read/watch the review please visit lotsafreshair.com

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