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How to use Burst Mode

Updated: May 26, 2023

YB Tracking offers a feature in position transmissions.

Our Burst mode feature means the tracker collects GPS positions and sends them as a bundle.

Why is that better? Well, if you look at the scenario of tracking a person walking for 4 hours, if you track them and get a position every 10 min, then that is 24 transmissions for the 4 hours. However, if you use Burst Mode with a 30 min transmission with 10 min GPS position fix, it will send the bundle of three positions every 30 min; that will only be 8 transmissions.

As well as cost savings, the Burst Mode offers more accurate tracking information, higher track resolution in the playback on the race viewer and is more fun, and informative to look at, meaning coupled with the YB Tracking Race Viewer, you will get a fantastic interaction with family, friends and supporters watching you.

YB Tracking has an extensive range of options for burst mode combinations of transmissions and position ratios.

Contact us to see if Burst Mode will benefit you and your event.

A image of yachts being tracked by YB Tracking


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