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Providing Tracking and Safety for the GODZone 2019

Competitors taking part in the GODZone
Photo Credit: GODZone

Sunday 10th March 2019 saw 63 teams begin a gruelling 7-day adventure race that is the largest expedition length race in the world - GODZone. Teams are made up of 4 individuals and split into 3 classes - Pure, Pursuit and Prime, each racing 530km, 430km, 430km respectively with Pursuit teams able to have support teams.

Teams are left in the dark about their mission for GODZone, with them not being made aware of the course area until 6-12 hours prior to race start At that point, they are given marked maps to begin planning their journey. The course offers significant navigation challenges as they are simply given an order of mandatory checkpoints to pass through, but the route between them is at each teams discretion. They aren't just running between checkpoints however, there are multiple disciplines they must master on their 7-day adventure - pack rafting, fixed ropes, canoeing, kayaking, trekking and mountain biking.

Adventure races are becoming wildly popular these days, and to see the human body survive such extreme race conditions is a testament to the dedication and commitment by all of the competitors.

Winners for each class are expected to complete the course in 3-4 days, meaning that each team will have very little sleep and will continue moving all through the night, and all through the day to be crowned the winner of GODZone Chapter 8 - Canterbury.

Spectate from afar by visiting their website and checking out their live race map - supported by the use of our YB3 tracking units!


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