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Supply, Support and Backup for The Mint 400 2022

A jeep jumping over rough ground during The Mint 400 race
Image Credit: The Mint 400

Team YB has just returned from another exceptional overseas event, with supply, support and backup for The Mint 400.

The Mint 400 is the oldest and most prestigious off-road race in America, held in the deserts of Nevada at a small satellite location called Primm, which lies on the Californian and Nevada borders.

Livestream coverage is beamed to over 800,000 viewers worldwide, with tens of thousands marching through the gates to witness the spectacular in person.

Over 400 competitors turned out for the 2022 running of the event, with Motorcycles, Off-roaders, Side by sides and purpose-built Class 1 trucks competing.

With temperatures ranging from 2 degrees C in the early mornings and evenings, to 25 degrees C+ and blue skies during the day, it had competitors and Team YB battling the elements. YB again succeeded in supporting the tracking of the event.

One of the outstanding features YB Tracking offers is the ability to track vehicle speeds in the seven different Speed Zones. These include Pit area limits. Armed with this data the Race Director is able to allocate penalties to drivers and riders speeding in these zones which in some cases influenced the outcome of the finishing positions once penalties were applied.

YB has worked hard to make this feature accurate and therefore used by the Race Director in an official capacity.

Other events are now understanding the advantage of using the YB3 as their go to satellite tracker in these motorsport events, with accurate, easy to interpret data and a Race Viewer playback to allow proof of offences, it makes enforcing penalties easy.

We look forward to working with Mad Media on their next event, The Californian 300 in October 2022.

For more information on YB Tracking’s Speed Zone feature and all the other benefits from using the YB3 as your satellite tracker of chose, contact Team YB on


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