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Supporting the Chicago to Mackinac Race 2022

An event that YB Tracking is proud to support onsite at their docks is the Chicago Yacht Clubs’ (CYC) signature race known as the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac.

CYC was founded in 1875 and is one of the world's oldest and most respected yacht clubs. The 289nm race known as ‘The Mac’ is one of the world’s largest annual offshore races and the longest annual freshwater sailing race, attracting some of the best sailing talents from around America and the world.

2020 celebrated the 113th running of the race, which was first competed back in 1898 with a mere five boats, and this year saw a fleet of over 250 yachts compete. Rachel and Natasha were the YB staff attending this year’s event; supporting events has always been a part of the YB service; at significant events where logistics make the allocation and support onsite easier.

“Being able to assist the club in a small yet vital way to deliver this prestigious event is always a privilege, the team at CYC are fantastic to deal with and big thanks to all the sailors we meet who made the allocation of the YB3’s so easy, and it was a pleasure to greet them all.” - Rachel, YB Tracking

It was Natasha's first time onsite since joining YB Tracking and she was humbled by the credit and great comments given by the skippers and crews in regards to the YB3 tracker and its ability to help those on shore track the boats crewed by loved ones, family and friends.

"After being a part of the Super Yacht scene prior to joining YB it still gives me such a thrill to be dockside at this event with the atmosphere and passion of the sailors it is infectious". - Natasha, YB Tracking

This event is sailed in a lake, where the conditions can be as fierce as the ocean due to the sheer size of this body of water known as Lake Michigan, where the safety of the fleet is paramount to the Race community.

To get a feel for what this event represents and its history, please visit and tour the world's longest annual freshwater sailing race.

If you are interested in discussing this service and the costs please contact us and we can let you know the options.


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