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Tech Tips March 2022

Updated: May 26, 2023

An illustration of a satellite orbiting Earth

When you activate a YB3 Tracker, it opens up a suite of communications including messaging, accurate location and the RED ALERT emergency help button. But how does all that work, and why is YB Tracking considered the world leader in satellite tracking?

Iridium is the global leader in satellite data collection, they have 66 satellites orbiting the earth, travelling at 30,000 km/h, converging at the poles, so there is 100% coverage of the planet.

Combining the frequencies they use and the cross-linking of satellites makes for such a reliable service that no other satellite provider can match and is the reason YB Tracking is chosen by more events worldwide and takes on the challenge of tracking the remotest and hardest to track events, make YB a true leader in satellite tracking.

Once the signal leaves the YB3 tracker, it is then relayed via satellite to the YB satellite dish in the UK, once there, it is processed in our in-house YB servers, resulting in the information displayed on the YB Race Viewer or YB Races App.

If it is for an emergency when the RED BUTTON is activated, then the same process is followed, however once in the YB servers, it follows a preset protocol and an SMS is sent to the provided contact for the event, if they don’t answer the program sends an SMS to the next pre-programmed person from the event, you can have multiple responders programmed in the system.

YB has helped track boats that have sacrum to the elements, and have drifted until being recovered, this is done without the knowledge of the public, and we work with different emergency services and response teams to achieve a successful outcome.

Remember if the YB3 can see the sky, we can see you.

Safety is as important as event tracking.


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