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Tracking the XPD Adventure Race

XPD Adventure Race 2016
Photo Credit: XPD

Teams of four competitors from around the globe trek, mountain bike, and kayak for four to eight days in this world renowned expedition. Entries to this event are in such demand that they sell out within hours of opening. Adventurers race day and night over a 550-600km course, pushing themselves to the ultimate limits of human endurance. All team members must complete all sections of the course and they must never be separated by more than 100m.

XPD is scheduled every 18 months in new, adventurous and remote Australian destinations. Each course is inspired by the local terrain and kept secret until just hours before the start. Approximately 5 hours before the actual race start, teams enter a "Lock Down". They are then given the detailed course maps and booklet revealing for the first time exactly where the expedition will take them. Teams must remain in the Lock Down area until the race start. They are prohibited access to the internet, phones, tablets etc. The Lock Down area includes the inside of a hall with access to tables, chairs, power, food/drink etc and the immediate outside area where all the teams trunks and bike boxes are located allowing any last minute adjustments. Then before they know it they are at the starting line rearing to go.

In the spirit of a true expedition teams are ‘unsupported’, forgoing the comfort and assistance of a support crew. They must meticulously plan all their equipment and sustenance before the race. They pre-pack these into a limited quantity of plastic trunks which are moved to various points on the course by the race organisers.

It's expected that the winning team will complete the course in 4-5 days. All other teams will be permitted up to 8 days to complete the course. There will be no early cut offs or early short courses with the aim to allow all teams maximum time to complete the full course. There will be no mandatory stops and no optional controls - pure adventure racing at it's best.

Each team will be carrying a YB3 tracking device throughout, which will collect and transmit data at predetermined times, with the data then being visualised onto a live map, which is available through the race website.

If any team does finish early then they are encouraged to remain at Race HQ and enjoy some of the local activities or just kick back and relax.

Good luck racers!


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