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Why IGO Adventures' Standard Safety Kit Includes a YB3

A road in a valley between mountains with a runner on it

Test your inner resolve, determination and drive, build camaraderie in your shared experiences with IGO Adventures’ week-long and weekend challenges. From Morocco to Scotland and other carefully chosen locations worldwide, IGO offers life-changing adventures for everyone.

The W114° Montana challenge that took place in September 2018 was a four-day long event laid out in an equal number of stages. Starting from the edge of Whitefish Lake, Montana, teams donned their wetsuits for an initial 2.4km swim followed by a 12.5km trek/run to the foot of Warner Peak. The next day featured a 62km mountain bike route that snaked over Warner Peak. Day three found teams on a 25km kayak sprint down the North Fork of the Flathead River. The final day’s 41km trek/run returned teams to Whitefish and some welcome rest with hot showers.

A row of kayaks on a pebbled beach

Teams (and solo adventurers) can compete against each other, but they can also tackle each stage at their own pace. One thing’s for sure - they’ll find it hard not to be distracted by some of the most dramatic scenery that the Western United States has to offer.

IGO recommends packing power banks for those who want to stay connected with the outside world. Each participant’s YB3 tracking device though has amazing battery life and won’t need to recharge for the duration of the challenge, and then some. The YB3’s IP67 rating and robust casing means neither tracker nor participant need think twice about the elements either.

Apart from communicating with the outside world with short emails/messages, participants can also trigger a one-button Alert that will give IGO organizers their exact position within seconds. That’s why YB3s are part of IGO Adventures' standard safety equipment.


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