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Race Of The Classics For Young Professionals

Updated: May 22, 2023

People in the rigging of a tall ship

The Race of the Classics for Young Professionals sees over 680 young eager participants clamber a board twenty three classic sailing ships of all shapes and sizes.

The race has two editions: one in April for students enrolled at a college or university and one in October for young professionals employed by leading national and international companies. The young professionals participate in a sailing race in the North Sea. The course has been fixed for several years with the fleet departing from the Ferry Terminal in Rotterdam, the goal being to cross to Ipswich then sail back to Amsterdam. In bad weather, the fleet have been know to moor in Den Helder or Bruges before arriving at Amsterdam, where the race will conclude with a dazzling prom. Sailing experience is not necessary for those taking part, as under the inspiring leadership of experienced skippers and crew they will learn how things are done on a sailing ship in the North Sea.

A little history lesson on the race: 23 years ago, in 1989, two students at the Amsterdam Academy came up with the formula of the Race of the Classics. After a few months of organising and planning "The Rose" took place, with its inaugural race having only a few vessels sailing from Amsterdam to Ramsgate and back. However the race grew in popularity and soon became a professionally organised event which was renamed the "Race of the Classics".

Some of the vessels that have taken part for over 23 years include many Dutch ships, including The Gallant, the Tecla, the Twister and Tolkien. The ships can range from 30 to 50 meters and include loggers, cutters, barkentijnen, two masters, three masters, clippers and schooners. They are traditionally rigged, which means that sailing is very labor intensive and the necessary sailing knowledge is quickly learned on the job. Sailing on a classic ship combined with the excitement of a crossing to England in itself is a tremendous experience; add to that the competitive element and you have the Race of the Classics.

YB Tracking are delighted to be tracking the Race Of The Classics For Young Professionals for another year. Each elegant boat will have a tracker mounted on board which will report several items of data including its position, speed and direction via the Iridium satellite network to a live map on the races website.

If you want to know more about this unique race then why not visit their website.


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