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Rowing, Biking and Kayaking Around the Globe: Supporting Sarah Outen

Sarah Outen pictured in front of her boat

On April 1st 2011 British adventurer Sarah Outen set out from Tower Bridge, London in her kayak, bound for the world. Four years later and she has set off across the North Atlantic Ocean in her rowing boat Happy Socks, headed for the SW coast of the UK. She is nearly home having clocked 21,985 miles by rowing boat, bike and kayak since Tower Bridge, and more than her fair share of adventures, challenges and stories.

She has been tracked by YB Tracking all the way, through the tough stuff and the fun stuff, the triumphs and the set backs.

"Everyone loves the tracking feature on my website. I have friends and family, sponsors and schools who track me daily, even hourly, to see where I am and where I have been. It is a wonderful way to connect people right into the expedition real-time," says Sarah.

"In 2012 when I was being battered by a tropical storm in the Pacific Ocean it provided a crucial eye into my course for my team and my rescuers. I had intended it would also provide a means to tracking my abandoned boat, Gulliver, but unfortunately my rescuers took it off the boat, thinking it was a mobile phone."

"Making this huge and unpredictable expedition a reality has only been made possible by the support of many organisations. Working with the team at YB Tracking has been a pleasure - they are always on hand to help with queries, and always full of support and good energy for my project."

Heading out into the vastness of the ocean alone can be a daunting thing, but to know that my little yellow box of tricks will be keeping my team in touch with me is reassuring all round.

Sarah is expecting a 4 month crossing to get back home, and from the landing point in the UK will be kayaking, cycling and rowing the final miles back to London's Tower Bridge - tracked all the way by her YB3 unit.

For more information on Sarah and her epic journey please visit her website.


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