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Tracking the 151 Miglia Yacht Race

Yachts taking part in the 151 Miglia 2017

A race open to all, conceived to highlight and test the nautical skills of all participating crews, but also as a unique opportunity to experience the full range of emotions that only passion, sport and the sea can summon.

The 151-Miglia has become a real classic in the Mediterranean Sea. It is set at the beginning of the summer, so that the 151 Miglia can be a strategic kick-off for the sailing season for many Italian and visiting crews.

As always, the fleet will set off from Livorno, that is famous for being one of the most well-established nautical cities in Italy, located only a few miles from Pisa and from its international airport, and finish in Punta Ala, a well-known and popular holiday resort, following a route touching upon Giraglia and the beautiful Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

The race will entertain and challenge all types of crews, from the most competitive prize-winning professionals to more relaxed family-run teams aiming for leisurely sailing. Arranged jointly by Yacht Club Punta Ala and the Maritim Republic of Pisa Yacht Club, in collaboration with the Yacht Club of Livorno, 151 Miglia has become the most important stage of the Italian Offshore Championship.

The popularity of 151 Miglia keeps growing thanks to the attention to details that its organisers invest in order to create a unique experience, year after year. Merging an exciting sailing circuit and a calendar full of events scattered on the coast open to all participants, to learn more about the history of Tuscany and its traditions, with emphasis on the concept of ‘Made in Italy’.

Each participating boat has a tracker installed by one of our engineers before the start of the race. The tracker collects data at predetermined intervals which is then transmitted through the Iridium satellite network to YB HQ, where it is visualised onto our race player so that crew's friends, families and the race organisers can follow the fleet or an individual vessel.

For more information please visit the race website.


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