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Tracking the 800 Mile Cabo Yacht Race

A rock stack near Cabo

This 800 mile yacht race allows competitors of all levels to sail with your friends or family as well as “tune-up” for the annual summer yacht races such as the Transpac or Pacific Cup. Typically a downwind run to Cabo San Lucas, racers enjoy the sunny afternoons and warm, moonlit evenings as they journey down the coast.

Newport Harbor Yacht Club has enjoyed a long-standing tradition of hosting the Newport to Cabo San Lucas Yacht Race. Since its first race in 1971, sailors have enjoyed the 800 mile race down the Baja coastline to the warm weather and big breeze of Cabo San Lucas.

Over the 40+ years of hosting the Cabo Race, NHYC has witnessed the tremendous evolution of yacht design and offshore sailing. Typical entries in the 70’s and early 80’s we IOR boats with unique downwind sailing characteristics; the ultralight (ULDB) boats arrived in the early 80’s with the Santa Cruz 50 making their debut in 1981. These off wind speedsters opened the door to bigger ULDB’s and the 70 footers began their reign of the Mexican Races in the mid 80’s. Bigger, faster boats evolved through the 80’s into the 90’s with the development of the 80 footers like Magnitude and Pyewacket. These boats brought along asymmetrical spinnakers, canting keels, and daggerboards. Elapsed times records were always at stake once the 80 footers arrived.

Today there is a resurgence of the legacy ULDB boats with the 50 and 70 footers returning to the West Coast for the off wind races like Cabo and Transpac. There are always new designs in all size ranges and speeds to compete in this tremendous off wind race.

We are proud to be providing a tracking solution once again having previously covering the 2015 and 2013 races. Our trackers will be installed upon all the participating yachts. They will be pre programmed to collect and transmit data every fifteen minutes.

This data goes through the Iridium satellite network to YB HQ servers in the UK. This is then visualised onto our race player for friends, family and race enthusiasts to follow the progress of just one yacht, or the whole fleet. The positions are updated every fifteen minutes and speed and distance data is also displayed.

To follow the race please visit Cabo Race website.


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