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Tracking the Oyster World Rally - 2017-2019

Yachts taking part in the Oyster World Rally

With the weather favourable for passage along Queensland’s pacific shoreline, the fleet of the 2017 - 2019 Oyster World Rally is on its way northwest for the third leg of the 27 month, 30,000 mile circumnavigation of the globe.

In mid-January of 2017, a cannon blast from Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua had signalled the start of the Rally which included 31 Oyster yachts from 12 different countries. The fleet then sailed from the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal and towards Auckland, New Zealand, before hunkering down for the cyclone season.

For those who are aware of the Oyster heritage, there is further reason to celebrate the World Rally. For almost half a century, Oyster has been the pinnacle of yacht design and quality. Oyster’s new owner Richard Hadida is now securing the future of over 400 jobs in Southampton and Wroxham, continuing Oyster’s legacy as “the Bentley of the Seas”.

Oyster is again on course to push the boundaries of innovation and high end design while offering a unique end to end customer experience.

YB Tracking is proud to be associated with Oyster Yachts and the Oyster World Rally. We wish both teams good luck and safe travels in their exciting journey onwards.

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