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Tracking the World-First Arch2Arctic Challenge

Arch2Arctic Participants Rob and Poldy

Driven by a mutual love of adventure travel and a desire to test their limits, Rob and Poldy are giving it everything they’ve got with their ARCH2ARCTIC challenge.

Setting off on June 15th from London’s Marble Arch, they will run the first leg of their journey to Dover, then swim the English Channel to Calais, cycle-row to northernmost Norway and finally row towards the Arctic Sea and the island of Svalbard.

Far from identifying themselves as seasoned adventurers, Robert and Poldy have built up their strength, endurance and honed their techniques in preparation for what is arguably an extreme expedition.

Rob and Poldy also believe in the power of Scouting to help the young learn valuable life skills. That’s why, donations to ARCH2ARCTIC will go to The Scout Association.

Their weatherproofed YB3s will be transmitting Robert and Poldy’s positions to YB's online map and, should their phone’s GSM signal disappear somewhere in the frozen waters between Tromsø and Longyearbyen, they can use the trackers to tweet about their yearning for some hot cocoa!

We wish Rob and Poldy safe travels - YB Tracking is with them every step of the way!


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