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Why the YB3 was the Tracker of Choice for the Dark Ice Project

Snow covered foreground, distant snowy mountains

We know that the YB Tracker is the most reliable satellite tracker and messenger on the market, but it's really nice when our customers let us know they feel the same way.

Alex Hibbert, Expedition Leader of the Dark Ice Project and serial Arctic adventurer, recently had this to say about his YB Tracker:

"It is part of the planning of any remote location travel that there should be some form of reliable tracking. On the top level, this is a vital safety measure in addition to having distress beacons and two-way satellite communications and on less critical levels, can provide a fascinating resource for those back home who want to follow the progress of the team and even exchange information in text-format.

With the advent of more and more products in the tracking and 'beacon' sector, especially those built on the Iridium network (the only one that can satisfy polar travellers due to true global reach), it's vital for me to find the one that is the 'cream that has risen to the top'.

For my Dark Ice Project and the replacement journeys which took place over the past winter and spring, I needed a number of things: a super-reliable unit that can take knocks and not have to be constantly checked and molly-coddled. I also needed a quick and intuitive menu system and settings control, plus added features such as two-way pre-set messaging and emergency email-blasts.

The addition of a super-neat and automatically generated mapping insert for websites or standalone use is perfect for communicating progress to the wider world. Having weighed up all the options, I cannot find anything which comes close to the new YB tracker in just getting the job done.

As an extra layer of assurance, the fast responses, regular updates and redesigns and easy resolution of minor problems make it clear that the finger is firmly on the pulse.

As we travelled hundreds of miles around the fragile sea ice of the extreme north of the Thule Region, it was encouraging to know that our movements were being tracked and that if something went wrong, there would be a near-real-time trace of our locations.

The YB Tracker sat upright in my Kevlar sled whilst man-hauling, rucksack whilst speed skiing and sled box whilst driving dogs and it never skipped a beat. The battery life was also stunning, dropping only gradually even at the temperatures dipped towards -40 degrees.

The YB Tracker is THE remote location tracker."

Thanks so much, Alex!


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