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The YB3 Two-Way Messenger is a truly global communication device and tracking system.

It is a lightweight, rugged handheld device that uses the Iridium satellite network to transmit your messages and your location from anywhere in the World.​

Note: to use the Advanced Messaging features with Bluetooth LE, you will need to download the YB Connect app, and your phone/tablet must be compatible with Bluetooth LE (4.0).


Once you have purchased your YB3, there are two running costs which you need to pay (see 'Credits and Line Rental'). These are paid online via your YBlog admin system.

You will need to activate your YB3 online and purchase line rental and credits before the unit will operate and start showing on your YBlog and mapping.

There are no annual contracts with a YB3, and no suspension fees or cancellation fees.

YB3 - Handheld Tracker

  • The Tracker includes these facilities:

    • Tracking Features
    • Preset Messaging
    • Bluetooth LE Connectivity for email/SMS
    • Red Alert Button
    • 5-button keypad
    • Bright OLED screen for information display
    • A full 2-way communication system
    • Over-the-air reconfiguration of key parameters
    • USB connection for charging and for data transfer
    • Truly Global Operation, using the Iridium satellite network
    • Long battery life (over 2500 transmissions on a single charge)

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