• September 29, 2014

One evening, many months ago, Emma Timmis and Aysha Madha had the crazy idea for Emma to run a few thousand miles across Africa and to raise money for charity along the way.

The route starts on the coast of Namibia, near Swakopmund, takes in Zimbabwe where the SEED Project is based, and ends at Pemba, on the coast of Mozambique. Some 4000 km depending on road quality, potential short cuts and dead ends. At approximately 40k a day it will take  about 4 months.

Emma will be supported by: Michael Whitehurst (on a bicycle), Robert Kazunga (guide), Lukasz Uzar (mechanic) and Aysha Madha (everything else). 

Emma is not a beginner when it comes to long distance running. In 2011 she was the first female to run from Durban to Cape Town along a route called the Freedom Trail, which is a route used for a mountain bike race. She was the second person to ever run it, the first being the guy that founded the bike race while trying to plan the route!  The run took 57 days, which equated to a marathon a day on average, with no support other than her brother beside her on a mountain bike. 

Emma has a YB Tracker with her which is sends her position to a map every half hour , meaning friends, family and supporters can keep up with her progress throughout her run.

For more infomration on Head Over Heels please visit their website.




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